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Taking Photos, Making Movies

30 January 2015

We held our first art exhibition last Friday evening and had an absolute ball. If you missed it, bad luck for you. Only kidding, it was awesome which means there’ll be more to come! We were lucky enough to showcase the brilliant work of five young photographers – Sarah Walker,  Mac Lawrence, Brooke Morison, Stephanie Kirkbright and Gerald Wiblin. Melbourne’s pretty rad – we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to art here, so we’re feeling pretty chuffed to have had a chance to get involved in such a vibrant art community. Thanks to all those who came and supported the artists, enjoyed the beer and wine, and tolerated my incessant playing of Dire Straits (sorry, not sorry).

Here are some photos of our photography fun. Just don’t go judging the actual works we exhibited on the quality of these iPhone bad boys (may or may not have been taken a few wines in).

See you next time!

 2015-01-23 20.28.18

2015-01-23 20.27.48

2015-01-23 20.26.31-1

2015-01-23 20.25.27-1

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2015-01-23 20.22.01-1

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2015-01-23 20.29.55

2015-01-23 18.30.49-1

2015-01-23 17.52.15-1

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2015-01-23 17.31.35-1

2015-01-23 17.30.38-1

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