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Space as The Final Frontier

5 November 2014

Just over 45 years ago man first landed on the moon. And up until last week’s tragic Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShipTwo accident it seemed promising that any regular person (with enough money) could now venture into space too, if they wanted. Following the test flight’s disaster and sad loss of life, it’s looking less likely that personal space travel for fun will happen in our lifetimes. But then again, I was watching some news coverage of the event and they were asking – do people actually still care about space travel? There are a bunch of arguments out there for both sides (waste of money, furthering knowledge, economic growth, extra-terrestrial life etc.) that a quick Google search can enlighten you about. But I must say, I don’t think I personally care about it as much as someone growing up in the middle of the last century would have. Although I did love to draw aliens as a kid, and I do love The Left Hand of Darkness. So with that in mind, I thought it could be fun to explore the concept of “space” some more in the next couple of posts.

Not venturing too far from recent space happenings, to start with here’s Five space travel accidents that shaped the modern era (thanks to The Conversation).