The Meadow


A Fresh Perspective

Our surroundings have the ability to impact everything: How we feel, how we work together and relate to one another, and what we can achieve. It can help us open up, and it can inhibit us.

The Meadow is designed to feel fresh, energetic and welcoming for everyone and it’s no surprise for the last 7 years it has been Melbourne’s favourite space for workshops and consumer research.



Put simply, The Meadow is custom built for more effective, enjoyable and impactful research groups and workshops

The Meadow

Our Spaces

Variety | Energy | Usability

We created The Meadow specifically for people who want a fresh, clever and inviting space for research groups and workshops. Click through the images below to explore our spaces and to review further details of each room’s unique personality and features.


Gorgeous spaces and amazingly helpful staff make for inspired, productive sessions at The Meadow. Now if I could only get them to open something similar in other cities, too!

Prithi Manian, Greenberg Strategy

Services & Pricing

At The Meadow, we like to keep our pricing pretty straightforward so our clients can focus on their project and events. To do this, our prices include most of the items that you might need for your session – we don’t like to add little charges you weren’t expecting.

We can also take care of any extra services you might need to make the process even smoother.

See below for our current room pricing and fees for the various services. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything else you’re looking for to make your project amazing.

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Contact Us

The Meadow
Level 1 (Unit 37), 111 Queensbridge Street
Southbank, VIC 3006

0458 876 814
Email: info@themeadow.com.au