The Meadow

The Meadow


A Fresh Perspective

The Meadow is a fresh, welcoming and energetic space located in the heart of Melbourne. With a variety of interesting and versatile spaces, The Meadow offers a new perspective for research groups, workshops, training and any other event.

A partnership of researchers, clients, strategists and creatives has, for the first time, ensured design thinking is at the centre of research and workshop facilities. We believe our surroundings impact our thinking and the way we feel - so much of our energy, focus, creativity and enjoyment comes from where we are and who we are with.

This is why we created The Meadow – to give Melbourne a space that promotes better connections between more engaged people, in turn delivering more powerful outcomes and insight.



Put simply, The Meadow is custom built for more effective, enjoyable and impactful research groups and workshops

The Meadow

Our Spaces

Variety | Energy | Usability

We created The Meadow specifically for researchers and marketers who want a fresh, inviting space for groups and workshops, and clients who need surroundings that spark their creativity.

Click through the images below to explore our spaces and to review further details of each room's unique personality and features.



Gorgeous spaces and amazingly helpful staff make for inspired, productive sessions at The Meadow. Now if I could only get them to open something similar in other cities, too!

Prithi Manian, Greenberg Strategy

The Meadow

Services & Pricing

The Finer Details

At The Meadow, we like to keep our pricing pretty straightforward so our clients can focus on their project and events. To do this, our prices include GST and most of the items that you might need for your session – we don’t like to add little charges you weren’t expecting.

We can also take care of any extra services you might need to make the process even smoother.

See below for our current room pricing and fees for the various services. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything else you’re looking for to make your project amazing.

Click to see current prices for The Meadow

The Meadow

New Ideas

Ideas that've taken our fancy
  1. The Meadow has earned quite a reputation for being a real game-changer in the market rresearch field. With its open concept and eclectic design, the space suits both the easy, conversational aspirations of focus groups while simultaneously catering to a professional client experience as well. Yet, The Meadow really comes […] read more →

  2. I recently watched the movie Almost Famous again for about the tenth time, and was not only thrown into a bit of a hippie reverie, but also started thinking about all the music that makes an impression on me. The famous quote by the character Penny Lane, “if you ever […] read more →

  3. For most of us, our daily routines involve going to work and sitting at a desk for the majority of the day; but we counter this sedentary lifestyle by going to the gym and eating a healthy and balanced diet. All good, right? Wrong. According to recent studies in the […] read more →

  4. In his book “The Architecture of Happiness: the Secret Art of Furnishing Your Life”, the philosopher Alain de Botton states that the “belief in the significance of architecture is premised on the notion that we are, for better or for worse, different people in different places-and on the conviction that […] read more →

  5. A Guide to keeping your indoor plants alive one day at a time The only plant I’ve had that stayed alive for more than one season has been a hearty aloe vera plant I bought at Ikea. Against all odds, this plant flourished despite my embarrassingly infrequent waterings, marginal sunshine […] read more →

  6. As a market research facility, we are kind of (completely) biased about the importance of market research for companies and brands. But occasionally the argument is thrown around about the relevance of qualitative research anymore, after all, aren’t we trying to innovate rather than re-hash things to make customers happy? Well, […] read more →

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The Meadow

Contact Us

The Meadow
Level 1 (Unit 37), 111 Queensbridge Street
Southbank, VIC 3006

0458 876 814

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